Pet Travel Spotlight: Bringing 3 Pets to Italy

We're happy to share Aria, Lizzie, and Mia's move story below and would like to thank their mom for sharing the experience with us! 

We researched several pet moving companies when we were planning a move from the US to Italy, and quickly selected PetRelocation. Our initial contact with Jeremiah assured us that our pets would be in good hands.  

moving multiple dogs to Italy

Katy was our main contact for the move and the advance preparations. She walked us through every step of getting the vet visits set up, the paperwork completed and the travel arrangements. At a time when we were already very busy with our own move, it was wonderful to know that Katy was making sure nothing was missed with preparing the pets for their travels.

shipping cats to Italy

When the time came, everything went smoothly from pick up in California to delivery in Italy.  We were very stressed about putting our older dogs through two flights and a stopover, but Katy kept us informed about their whereabouts and wellbeing the whole time. They arrived, in the care of a lovely delivery man, happy and healthy.

We would recommend PetRelocation to anyone planning to move their pets overseas.

Pet Travel Details:

Name: Carrie
Pet Names: Aria, Lizzie, and Mia
Pet Type: 2 Dogs and 1 Cat
Pet Breeds: 2 Yellow Labs and 1 Domestic Shorthair
From: California, US
To: Italy

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