Pet Travel Story: Arranging Cat Transport to New Zealand

Incredible Experiences: "Two Cats Moved to the Opposite Side of the World"

PetRelocation took one of the most stressful things we could imagine -- moving our two timid, indoor cats from New York to New Zealand -- and made it by far the easiest part of our migration.


With regular updates and clear instructions, there was no point where I was unsure what needed to be done or what condition our pets were in. They over-delivered every step of the way, and our kitties not only survived the move, but were back to their old selves within minutes of getting to their new home.

black cat

Thank you,


Name: Jared
Pets' Names: Kenobi & Paikea
From: Brooklyn, NY
To: Auckland, NZ

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PetRelocation Team


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New Zealand
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