Relocating A French Bulldog: Bear’s Travel Story

Shipping french bulldog to IndonesiaMany pet owners express concern over flying their snub-nosed pets. These types of breeds can be tricky to transport due to their facial structure, which can pose risks under certain conditions. Our team works hard to ensure these pets (and all others) have the best travel plans in place for their unique needs. Read Jilan's experience moving Frenchie, Bear, below!

My dog, Bear, A French bulldog is such a sweetheart. I love him with all my heart but as a student studying abroad, it can be a hand full to take care of a dog. My family loved him so much that they think it would be better for him to make Indonesia his forever home.

At first, it was a struggle to come up with a plan to fly him since he has a pushed-in face and not all airlines accept the breed. But, lucky PetRelocation helped me to fly Bear safely and comfortably. The process was so easy. They take care of everything,

Katy and Evelyn were such a huge help. Katy keep up me posted with everything, from the agents that helped Bear to keeping track of the flight and sending me tons of pictures! Even though I was still worried about Bear but in the end, it was all worth it because now Bear is enjoying Jakarta in great conditions and he got to spend time with my other dog Biggie a mini poodle. Highly recommend Pet Relocation.

Thank you PetRelocation.

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