Relocating a Large Dog: Charlie Moves to South Africa

Sometimes, things just don't go according to plan no matter how diligent you are.  Case in point: during Charlie's move to South Africa when her required paperwork went missing. But luckily, Charlie's mom had hired PetRelocation to solve it. Read all about it below: 

We put off moving our rescue dog across the world for a long time because it was so overwhelming to think of all the tasks that needed to be completed and the cost. PetRelocation helped us immensely and took everything into their own hands, guiding us every step of the way and making sure everything was seen to. relocating large dogs

We had an unforeseeable circumstance where the airline lost some of our paperwork and our Pet Relocation agent, Ananda, was able to reissue our health certificate and FedEx all the way to South Africa to ensure our pup didn't have to spend a week in quarantine. We cannot thank them enough and aren't sure what we would've done if PetRelocation wasn't on our side! 

To anyone considering using a pet relocation service, I highly recommend using PetRelocation because there are often circumstances you just can't prepare for and it is such a great relief to have experts on your side. 

Charlie is happy in South Africa adjusting to her first cold winter and new sights and smells!

Wow! What a story. We are so glad we could help so you could be reunited with sweet Charlie as fast as possible. 
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