Relocating Rabbits: Cillessen, Memphis and Vienna move to The Netherlands!

It's not all cats and dogs here at PetRelocation. From time to time we get to help adorable rabbits too! That was the case when we moved Cillessen, Memphis & Vienna to The Netherlands this year! Their family took the time to give us insight into their experience. Here's what they had to say:Shipping rabbits to Europe from the US

We hired a handful of companies to handle different aspects of our overseas move, and PetRelocation was above and beyond any of them in terms of helpfulness and communication. I had a lot of anxiety moving our three rabbits to the Netherlands from Chicago, but they arrived safely and the process was smooth. PetRelocation was involved in every step. For example, my vet filled out the health certificate incorrectly and they were on the phone with them immediately to point it out and get a new one written.

We were leaving town the next day so without that kind of involvement and expertise, I honestly don’t know what we would have done. We had a hard time finding a company to help relocate our bunnies and I’m so happy we not only found a company but a really great one with exceptional customer service who understands that these are family members. I appreciated that most of all.


We are so happy we could help. Are you planning to move your own rabbits, but feeling like no one can help? Let us know! Arrange a consultation today


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