Rocksi’s Move Story: Bringing a Dog to Australia

With a tight timeline at hand, Rocksi was able to travel safely to Australia! Here's a note about the relocation from her family. small mixed breed dog shipped to Australia from the US

Linda Smith took over our case late in the game. Since I was a graduate student and we didn't have a lot of savings, I thought that I could handle everything. I am so glad that we spend the money because moving the dog from the US to Australia was complicated.

After taking over, Linda laid out every detail (on a very short timeline might I add) and simplified the whole process. Her communication with me, the vet, and the Australian government was excellent!

To add onto all that she did, she would constantly email images of Rocksi on her journey. I cannot say how thankful I was to see those images and know that Rocksi was doing well. My wife and I enjoyed every one of the images. Every time I got an update email my wife and I would smile and get more excited.

relocating with your pets to australia

Thank you so much for all your help!


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Brady
Pet's Name: Rocksi
From: Nevada, USA
To: Australia

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PetRelocation Team


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