Sending a Shih Tzu to Australia: Casper’s Travel Story

shih tzu moves to Australia, shipping snub nose dogsThe moment I knew that there was a chance that we were relocating to Australia, I started to figure out how to move Casper, our 3.5 year old shih-tzu. First I thought I could do this by myself, but I realized pretty quickly that there are too many regulations to import a dog into Australia.

After searching some sites I came across PetRelocation and after reading the reviews, especially the Australian ones, I contacted Maegan. She was very helpful and gave already a lot of information even before signing the contract. It took us some time to get all our own paperwork done, so I am very grateful that I did not have to deal with Casper's paperwork. Once we signed the contract, Nina stepped in and she was the one who helped us through the entire process.


We had to leave 2 months before Casper was allowed to come over, but with help from Nina and our amazing dog sitter, everything went extremely well. Nina went over every single step and she always sent a detailed email with all the information. She also called our vet clinic to explain the entire process so they knew what was expected from them.

shipping snub nose dogs shih tzu relocates internationally
I was very worried to move our little boy and I probably overloaded Nina with questions and emails. She always made me feel at ease by explaining everything so well. Although I know and realize that we were not her only clients, Nina treated us like we were the only ones, always reachable and responsive!

I couldn't have done this by myself and I highly recommend PetRelocation to everyone who is moving a pet to Australia! 
Casper has finally arrived 10 days ago and he is doing great! He has adapted to his new environment, has met some fellow friends, gets everybody's attention and loves being outside when it's not too hot! Thank you very much Maegan and Nina for giving Casper a smooth transition from Seattle to Perth!

I will miss the chatting with Nina!


PetRelocation Team


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