Shipping French Bulldogs: Bobinsky Moves to the UK!

Bobinksy's mom married her husband 1 year ago, but had a long distance relationship until they were reunited on the day of their 1 year anniversary! Bobinsky, their French bulldog, flew into London a few days later and now the family is finally together again! Here's their story! 

I had so many worries and doubts when I knew I had to move my little Frenchie to the UK. I took so much time researching different companies and decided to go with this PetRelocation! I couldn't be any happier with the experience. Lindsey Rose was beyond helpful and always ready to help with any last-minute request or question. My dog arrived happy and healthy which in turn made me beyond relieved to see how well his trip had gone. I hope I do not have to move again in the future, but if I do I will definitely choose PetRelocation again.French bulldog snub nose dog flies to the UK

What a good boy! Thank you so much for letting us take part in getting the whole family back together. 

Are you planning a move with your furry friend? Let us help! 


PetRelocation Team


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