Taking a Dog to Australia: Ezzie’s Journey from the US

Ezzie gets to relax in Ashfield, Australia with her family after a long journey from New Jersey and 10 days of quarantine in Melbourne. Here's a note from her owner on what chihuahua moves to Australia has 10 day in quarantineher relocation was like.

Superb service from beginning to end. Our coordinator, Nina, did a wonderful job of managing the different stages of Ezzie's move and kept us constantly informed, even when she went on holiday!

Her thoughtful communications ensured we stayed (relatively) calm and unworried even though we had a very tight deadline. I was clearly delusional to think, initially, that I could manage getting Ezzie to Australia by myself. If it wasn't for PetRelocation I would have been reduced to a gibbering mess trying to do this and arrange my family's move at the same time.

Nina and PetRelocation removed a tremendous amount of stress from us.


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Duncan
Pet's Name: Ezzie
Pet Type: Dog
From: Montclair, NJ, United States
To: Ashfield, NSW, Australia

Learn more about transporting pets to Australia and contact us for assistance with planning a relocation of your own. 


PetRelocation Team


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