Two Globetrotting Dogs Travel to Italy

Here's an update from Kreuzfidel and Legolos' owner about their recent move to Italy:

Twice now - twice for international moves we have used PetRelocation to help oversee the biggest and most important part of making an overseas transition.

The first time we used them was in 2011, when we moved to Asia for a work traveling with multiple pets to italy assignment and the company put us in touch with PetRelocation to help with moving our two beloved dogs.  That move went like clockwork, despite the fact there's always something required with transporting pets abroad that you wouldn't otherwise know about until you try entering the new country. That's what PetRelocation does - they make sure you know exactly what will be needed and when.

This last move to Italy, a couple of weeks ago, was a personal move. Using PetRelocation was an instant "yes!" to the question of whether or not we would need services to move both our dogs yet again. There are no guarantees when transporting your pets anywhere at any time, as you have to turn over control to airlines, customs agents, and simply the conditions your pets will face along the way. Having a dedicated group of animal people helping every step of the way sure helps with paperwork - and let's face it, they help with the anxiety that comes with shipping your pets.

PetRelocation proved effective in communication, follow-through, and delivery every step of the way. This will hopefully be our final time moving such distances, but it's reassuring to know who to go to if needed. Well done team! Thank you.


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Jerome
Pets' Names: Kreuzfidel & Legolos
From: Seattle, Washington
To: Salerno, Italy

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PetRelocation Team


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