Pet News Round-Up: Preparing for the Unexpected

Preparing for the unexpected has been the main focus in the world pet travel these last few months. As COVID-19 continues to cause disruptions in how pets fly, PetRelocation has worked hard to prepare our clients for any roadblocks that we may need to overcome during the duration of their moves. 

Take Lydia for example. Lydia’s mom was so worried when she had to leave her beloved pup behind in Pakistan, especially when it looked like no airlines would take her. With hard work and a lot of planning, Lydia made the journey of a lifetime. By ground and by air, her trip totaled nine days! Now she’s home with her family once again.

Lydia traveled from Pakistan to New Mexico

If you’re traveling through London in the foreseeable future, make sure you’re aware of the current limitations affecting London Heathrow’s animal reception center. While PetRelocation is proactively working with all our pawrents to avoid any delays due to the current restrictions, it’s important to understand that any small change in your plans may cause delays. Talk to your coordinator about what changes could arise. 

Did you know that pet adoptions are continuing to rise due to more families staying home? It’s true and we think it’s great news! So, we’ve decided to celebrate even more of the rescue pets of PetRelocation. If you’re looking for something to make you smile, make sure to check out these cuties.

the rescue pets of PetRelocation

However, with this rise in pet adoptions, pet scams are also becoming more frequent. Make sure you know the tell-tale signs and avoid the heartache of falling victim to a puppy scam.

Lastly, if you’re worried about your pet’s journey, following our pet stories could help ease your mind! We move pets all over the world and each week we catch up with a previous client whose furbaby traveled across the world or country. Chances are, whatever your move plan is, we have a story about a similar journey!


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