Pet Move of the Month: Lydia Returns Home from Pakistan

We love it when old friends come back for new adventures. Two years ago we moved sweet Lydia from the United States to Pakistan with her human, Shari. However, Lydia's time there had to be cut short when the Coronavirus pandemic hit. Her mom had to hurry home and Lydia's own travel plans seemed uncertain. So, Shari called PetRelocation! We were able to piece together a complicated plan to get this loving dog home to her mom. This dynamic move and very good girl are at the center of our latest Pet Move of the Month! 

Tells us about Lydia. What’s her personality like?

I adopted Lydia when she was four months old, from our local shelter in North Carolina. She has been a part of our family for 7 years now. Lydia is the most chill dog I've ever known! She is very loyal and can be very shy around others, including other dogs. 

This was your second time using PetRelocation. What brought upon your move to Lydia the dog moved from Pakistan to the US during the coronavirus pandemicPakistan?

I was originally recruited to go to Pakistan as a Spanish teacher at the Karachi American school in Karachi, Pakistan. I never considered leaving Lydia, as she is part of my family! When I first started planning that move, I realized how complicated the paperwork was. I was also traveling ahead of her and needed a little help with that, too. So, I hired PetRelocation. 

Lydia’s relocation back to the US was impacted by COVID-19 and this resulted in you being separated from her. How long were you separated?

We were apart for nearly 3 months! I left Pakistan on April 23, on one of the last government-contracted planes out of the country (all airports were closed due to COVID-19). I couldn't bring Lydia with me at the time, so I had to leave her with friends until I could figure out how to get her out. She finally made it home in mid-July. 

Being apart from her for that long was really challenging. I really missed her quiet presence in the house and our daily walks around the neighborhood. I'm so grateful to have her home. 

What would you say was the most valuable part of having Evelyn and Kelcey assist you with Lydia’s relocation?

It was good to get updates on a frequent basis while Lydia was traveling. Her journey was so long and through so many different drivers and airlines, it was hard to keep up with it myself. So, having the PetRelocation team keep me in the loop of where Lydia was at all times was a huge relief.  I also liked knowing that all of the paperwork was being handled by people who knew what they were doing.

Kelsey and Evelyn ensured Lydia made it home safe and sound.


How long did it take for Lydia to get from her temporary home in Pakistan to your home in the United States?

All told, it took 9 days. She was picked up in Karachi and driven 3 days to the airport in Islamabad. Then, after a flight plan spanning multiple days, she arrived in New York. Since the airlines were flying at limited capacity, this was the closest flight we could get to our home in New Mexico. The PetRelocation team then drove her across the country! We received great picture updates from her driver. We are thankful that she was well cared for at every step in the process.

Dog Lydia entering her home state of new mexico


Does Lydia have any travel plans once travel restrictions are lifted?

Lydia has no travel plans... as of now! We are settling into our new digs and enjoying our new routine.

What advice would you give someone trying to plan an international move with your pets?

Make sure you know what paperwork is required if you plan to do it yourself, but I would highly recommend PetRelocation!

What an incredible story! Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey. Do you have questions about moving with your pets? Let us know! We'd love to assist you. 


PetRelocation Team


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