Australia Pet Transport Story: Remy’s Move

Dog Transport to Australia - Remy w/ BrotherRemy is home! Read about the ups and downs of her ultimately safe and happy journey to Australia.

Moving to another country is daunting, but having to move your dog is downright scary.

We chose PetRelocation because from the first contact we felt they understood how stressed we were about moving our dog Remy all the way to Australia, and they made us feel more at ease that they had it under control. They had someone who specialized in moving animals to Australia, Linda, and could help us sort out the mountain of details involved.

Our dog Remy has major anxiety about being moved, riding in car, etc., and on the day of her flight she didn't make it on. The airlines called the local contact in Raleigh, Melissa, to say Remy had cut herself trying to get out of her crate and also cracked a tooth.

Dog Transport to Australia - Remy in Christmas Collar

We were already in Australia then and devastated by the news. We were faced with the real possibility of having to give Remy up and find her a new home, which meant never seeing her again.

Melissa was amazing and took Remy to see a vet and boarded Remy over the next week while Linda and Maegan came up with 'plan B' to get Remy here. It was a very stressful week, but everyone at PetRelocation did everything possible to try to get Remy here safely.

I'm happy to say that 'better late than never' is true, and our Remy girl is here with us in Australia. She made the journey without a scratch and arrived happy. If there is a way to get your animal where you need them to go, and get them there safely, I would trust PetRelocation to do it.

Dog Transport to Australia - Remy on the Porch


Thank you, PetRelocation! So happy you didn't give up.



Pet Transport Details:

Pet Name: Remy
Pet Type: Dog
From: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
To: Perth, WA, Australia

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