Importing Cats into Mexico: Marcie & Mickey’s Story!

While planning their move from South Carolina to Mexico, Mickey & Marcie's family realized they needed a little help, so they called PetRelocation and we're so happy they did! Their mom took a moment to share a little bit about their big move. Here's what she had to say! 

I'm really glad I signed up with PetRelocation!  I appreciate the patience and understanding Lindsey and Evelyn had with my questions and concerns. Because of them, I felt like I didn't have to worry about a thing.  They were both also very friendly and reassuring, so even though there were some challenges outside our control along the way (For instance, the airline canceled our flight last minute!), it was still a 100% positive and enjoyable experience.  two cats shipped to mexico

Also, I was impressed by and grateful for how hard Lindsey worked to find a solution to those issues. I was really impressed by her attention to detail throughout the whole process, especially when it came to the vet papers and her being available while my cats were at the vet and while they were on their trip.  It gave me peace of mind to know she would be available to help if there were an issue.  two cats imported into the united states from mexico


I signed up with PetRelocation so I could have peace of mind when moving my cats and so that they would have the best trip possible, and that's what we got for sure.

Thanks for sharing! They are such sweet kitties! 
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PetRelocation Team


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