Incredible Experiences: Loki’s Move From New York to France

Loki"Thank you, PetRelocation"

After having been blessed by the birth of our first daughter, our cat, Loki, started not having enough space in our small Manhattan apartment and developed depressive behavior.

After checking with our vet, we took the decision that the best outcome for Loki would be to relocate with my parents-in-law, in Nancy, France.

After contacting various specialized agencies who provided us with quotes, we finally contacted PetRelocation, which was highly recommended by Air France / Delta.

Upon contact, Maegan was not only extremely professional, but she was the only person from a relocation company that actually invested time and energy to provide us with all key information as well as a quote for the relocation.

Maegan gave us alternatives, understood what we needed, and was attentive to every detail in building a perfect travel plan for Loki. She was also very fast and was able to deliver a complete solution for his relocation within a week!

Upon signature and electronic, safe payment, Maegan's colleague, Sarah, took care of the implementation of the travel plans. Sarah was amazing! She booked Loki on a flight to depart five days after we finalized the arrangement (whilst all the other companies asked for a $300 to $500 fee to "rush" the request!). She liaised with our vet directly, provided all information and pre-filled forms, was on the phone during the final vet visit and was present every step of the way during the relocation.

PetRelocation delivered the crate for Loki on the day of his travel, made sure our cat was not stressed, sent us pictures during every step of the trip, and ultimately got Loki relocated the next day in perfect shape!

We not only appreciated the professionalism of PetRelocation, but also the way we were treated as pet owners facing a tough situation. Loki was treated with the best possible care and is now in a large nice house in France. This would not have been possible without PetRelocation.

Thank You,



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Julien
Pet's Name: Loki
From: New York, United States
To: Nancy, France

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PetRelocation Team


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