MacBeth and Tibeault’s Move to Hong Kong

Transporting a Rabbit and a Cat to Hong Kong

Rabbit and Cat Transport to Hong KongThanks to Joe and Ivy for sharing their move and their story with us!

My wife and I decided to move from the US to Hong Kong in early 2017.

Initially, we thought about carrying our two pets, Tibeault (cat) and MacBeth (rabbit), on our own. But shortly we figured out that would be crazy since we had too many other things to take care of. After some research on the internet, PetRelocation was the first candidate to test the waters -- and later it turned out they are the best candidate out there.

We contacted PetRelo in February and they guided us through the whole process. Our biggest concern is the safety for our pets, and later we realized the pets actually had a much much smoother flight than we did!

They were taken to the pet hotel in Amsterdam first for a night to refresh and rest on a KLM flight (our vets said KLM is the best carrier for pets). Then they were taken to HK the next day after we arrived. Of course, a local agent brought them to our door in HK.

Cat transport to HK


I and my wife want to thank Mandy O'Connell, the special contact assigned to us, and Jenny, the local agent in HK, and many other supporting staff who dealt with communication with our vets and did research on HK import regulations. They all answered our concerns and questions in a timely way and kept us posted during every step of the process.

Next time we are moving, PetRelocation will still be our first choice.

Thank you,

Joe & Ivy


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Joe and Ivy
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: Cat, Rabbit
Pet Names: Tibeault and MacBeth
From: Stamford, CT, US
To: Kowloon, Hong Kong


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