Moving Cats to Australia During a Pandemic: Meesh and Molly’s Story

Molly and Meesh's family started planning their move down under with us over 2 years ago. Just when the plan was coming together, the COVID-19 pandemic changed all of their plans. But that's OK! PetRelocation was able to help get the family to their new home together. Here's their incredible story!  

There really is no way to describe how impactful PetRelocaiton was for us for our epic move to Australia during COVID-19. It is because of Nina that we actually got to move to Australia. Two years ago we started working with the team because we thought we were moving sooner, and every single time I emailed with annoying questions, Katie and Nina consistently and happily answered all of my worried cat mom questions. Their services were above and beyond what I expected. We also didn’t have a move date for the majority of the time because we were waiting for my husband's migration visa to be approved for about 16 months.

He was approved for his visa in February and we finally started getting the cats ready. However, COVID-19 put a halt to our cat transportation plans in March. Nina worked around the clock to find a flight where the cats could fly directly into Australia. Imported animals need to be quarantined upon arrival to Australia, and can only fly direct flights from their origin country and cannot transit once in Australia (this has always been the rule even pre COVID-19). This made things a little bit more complicated. However, Nina found us a very sacred flight for the cats which allowed my husband and I to finally move at the end of May.

Relocation coordinator, Nina!

I cannot even imagine what was happening on the backend with getting all of the cats‘ specific needs met for their multiple flights and kennel stays. However, all along the way, Nina kept me up-to-date on every single move the cats made. She answered even more specific questions to help calm my nerves.


By the time the cats were released into our custody, we expected them to be very skittish and terrified. However, they adapted almost instantly. It has been almost 2 weeks now that they have been in Australia with us, and they are completely fine and back to normal. This leads me to believe their handlers selected by PetRelocation were very professional and kind to the girls and loved on them as best they could. The only change is that they meow differently, which is so funny that they might have an Australian accent!

I have already recommended Nina to a friend of mine who’s trying to move her dogs to Australia. In all honesty, there really are no words, just the utmost sincere gratitude, and relief that I was looked after as well as I was with your team over the last 2 years. Nina is a superstar and a saint.

Thank you so very much,
Love from Down Unda,

Kristin, Ronaldo, Meesh and Molly Tamale

Wow, what an amazing story. Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your journey—even if it did include a couple of bumps in the road. 
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