Moving dogs to South Africa: Sasha and Bandit’s Story

Pups Sasha (German Shepherd) and Bandit (Miniature Schnauzer) recently moved all the way from Dallas, Texas to a wildlife estate in South Africa! Their owners, Marlon and Ann, updated us on how they're doing and detailed the relocation experience below. 

relocating German Shepherds to South AfricaWe choose PetRelocation because of the very personalized, professional and friendly communication from Evelyn and Ananda.

Moving internationally is one thing, relocating your pets internationally is a whole other thing! They always took the time to answer our questions and ensure that our pets safety was their number one priority. I was so grateful for the updates I received during their nearly 3 day journey.

When our pups cleared customs in Johannesburg, they were a little confused to finally see us but were in great shape and clearly cared for along their journey. We still had a five-hour drive the following day to our new home in a Wildlife Estate near the Kruger National Park. Our city dogs have become bush dogs in no time! They regularly greet warthogs, impala, giraffe, zebra, and waterbuck through our fence or on our walks.

Schnauzer relocates to South Africa   shipping dogs to South Africa   reunited after pets shipped to South Africa

Their days are full of exploration and they can barely keep their eyes open in the evening. We can't thank PetRelocation enough for making a very stressful life event a positive experience, Bandit and Sasha will be forever grateful and so will their parents.


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