Pet Shipping Spotlight: Transporting Five Pets to Sweden

Transporting pets to SwedenWe recently helped five pets move from the US to Sweden! Here's what their owner had to say about the experience.

Everyone we worked with at PetRelocation was terrific.

They were put to the test on moving day when it turned out the USDA had not received the necessary info for travel, yet we and our pets were all scheduled to fly out of Denver that night. 

Our coordinator calmly reassured me everything would be fine, we could still take our flights, and that our animals would still be picked up but would be boarded overnight. The couple who came to get our dog and four (!) cats were so kind, and we knew our animals would be fine. 

We left for Sweden, and PetRelocation was able to obtain the USDA stamps necessary, change their flights, and get them all out the next day. The incremental fee for that was really quite small in the grand scheme of things, especially when our coordinator truly put my mind at ease about the situation. 

It makes me so happy to see all our furry guys here with us in Stockholm; it would have been awful to have had to leave them behind. PetRelocation made this all possible -- I would use you guys again in a heartbeat (and presumably will when we move back!).

Thank you,



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Heidi
Number of Pets: 5
Pet Type: 1 Dog, 4 Cats
Pet Names: Daisy, Matilda, Norman, Sylvie, Theo
From: Denver, CO
To: Stockholm, Sweden

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