Relocating Cats to China: Huey and Radgast Move to Shanghai!

Sometimes life takes you by surprise and you end up somewhere you may never have expected. This was the case for two Connecticut cats, Huey and Radgast. Luckily, their parents called PetRelocation and these two beautiful cats arrived safe & sound. Here's their story! 


When we decided to relocate for a few years  from Connecticut to Shanghai, China it was a terrifying thought to send our beloved two cats. Fortunately we met Evelyn and Ananda at Pet Relocation. After months of detailed planning, many vet visits  to meet all customs regulation and documentation scrutiny our two precious boys Huey and Radagast arrived safely and quite happy in Shanghai with no quarantine required!

The level of detail and support provided by Ananda was extraordinary and was highly praised by us and our Veterinary staff travel coordinator and Doctors. Every step and detail of the planning  was very clear. Ananda tracked our pets move door to door including pick up, check in and the flights with Lufthansa. The PetRelocation partners in Shanghai were exceptional and helped ease our worries during their nearly 2 day journey. 

Two cats relocating China

Our experiences was 5 stars + and  our vet hospital and I  will highly recommend pet relocation to anyone moving their pets. Teamwork, effective communication and attention to detail make them  a successful business and we will be calling upon Evelyn and Ananda to move our two cats when we return to the US .


Thanks for sharing! We are so happy these sweet pets are reunited safe and sound with their family. If you're starting to plan your move and don't know where to start let us help! 


PetRelocation Team


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