Shipping Dogs From Mexico: Koko’s Adventure!

Koko's family hired PetRelocation to assist with moving their sweet miniature Schnauzer from Mexico to the United States. When things did not go exactly as planned, they were so relieved to have our team of relocation coordinators on their side! Koko's mom took the time to let us know about their experience. Here's what she said: 

minature schnauzer travels to the United States from Mexico

All the attention we received from PetRelocation was great! We started with Evelyn and then we continued with Ananda
First, we had issues finding the correct travel kennel and then we had to change the move date, but Ananda was always willing to help and provide solutions. She was so nice and knowledgable about the process! 

We really felt very satisfied with how our pet arrived and the care the whole team provided which ended with Koko arriving safely. 
Honestly, I was expecting him to arrive a little bit upset, but he was so great and looked happy. Dogs never lie! Thank you to the whole team.

And thank you for allowing us to be part of Koko's big adventure! If you need some assistance relocating your own pet, we can help! Arrange your move today. 


PetRelocation Team


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United States, Mexico
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