Flying with Pets Overseas: Toffee and Truffle Move to Singapore

Toffee and Truffle made a big move last year and their mom entrusted PetRelocation with their care. We're so happy we had the chance to be part of their journey. Here's their story! 

I am extremely happy and satisfied with PetRelocation! I first started researching pet relocation agencies more than 5 years ago because I know that I would not permanently live in the US. I came across PetRelocation's website and was impressed that they have experiences with moving pets to Singapore. It was a very important criterion for me when searching for pet relocation services. I needed someone who has experience in moving pets to Singapore especially given how strict Singapore can be.

Fast forward, 5 years later, after a couple of moves within the US, I am ready to move my dogs to Singapore. The process was extremely smooth. I love how I can do most of the communication via emails as I do not have a fixed work schedule. My relocation coordinator, Kelcey, was extremely communicative!  This was 2020, the year of the pandemic, so I was very nervous about the lack of flights, but Kelcey made sure that I felt safe with the entire process. I started crate-training my dogs 3 months prior to the actual move. Kelcey updated me every step of the way and resolved problems that we had, including a non-communicative vet clinic. I am so so so glad and relieved that PetRelocation has helped me with this move, it has alleviated a lot of stress from me and allowed me to focus on the logistics for my own move.

Thank you very much again! I will definitely recommend PetRelocation to anyone who needs help in moving their pets!

If you're planning a move to Singapore, get started early! Quarantine fills up quickly. Learn more here. And if you're looking for advice, contact us! We'd love to be part of your journey. 


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