Air Travel Tips From Experienced Pet Travelers

Real pet owners share their air travel stories.

Shipping dogs internationally Though negative news stories about pet air travel often make the rounds, official statistics show that over 99% of pets travel safely.

That being said, we completely understand the nervousness that surrounds shipping pets by air because we talk to pet owners every day who feel anxious about their choices.

Learning about pet friendly airlines and trusted processes helps to banish most people's fear, but the best way to breathe a little easier is to talk with pet owners who have done this before.

Looking for a little clarity and peace of mind about flying your pet? Here's what some of our globetrotting clients have to say about traveling by air with their furry family members.

Tobi's Move to Hungary from Japan

"Right after the move, I couldn't spot any signs of stress due to the air shipment so I assume he was nicely handled during his trip. I think Tobi really started to settle in a few days after the move, and now he's more relaxed in his new environment."

-Read more about Tobi the French Bulldog


shipping french bulldogs to japan


Transporting Amber the Rabbit to the United States

"I started to get nervous as the flight approached. Apparently so did Amber. However, Amber got through quarantine just fine, and I got plenty of updates and reassurance from Tomiyo and the PetRelocation team. The move went just as planned, and my mom and I picked Amber up safely from Jody (sorry if misspelled) on the US-end."

-Meet Amber and learn more about her trip


Ellie's Move to London

"Ellie was calm and content when we received her in London and has adjusted amazingly well to British life!"

-Read about Ellie's relocation


Bobo's Trip from China to Oregon

"We bought Bobo’s travel crate as soon as we knew we were going to relocate so we had the proper time to introduce the crate to her. Then we made sure she had some time alone inside the kennel and we spent a few hours driving the car with Bobo inside the crate. We wanted to make sure she would be comfortable with the crate’s environment when the time came to fly."

-Read more about Bobo


importing dogs into the United States
Bobo & her Family


Rosalee's Journey to Singapore

Rosalee's owner made an incredible video depicting the whole pet transport experience. We love this personal and behind-the-scenes look at a pet relocation!

-Enjoy Rosalee's video


Ramona's Move to California

"When my flight landed and someone from PetRelocation picked me up, they let my parents know that everything was fine and we’d be on our way once we cleared all the processes of entering a new country. By 3:00 p.m., I was out of LAX and the driver took me for a little walk (so I could stretch and go to the bathroom) before taking me to my new home. Around 4:00 p.m. I met my mom and dad and was very happy to see them!"

-Find out more about Ramona (from her perspective!)


Ramona the dog


Two Cats Travel to New Zealand

"Our kitties not only survived the move, but were back to their old selves within minutes of getting to their new home."

-Read more about Kenobi and Paikea


Two Cats' Relocation to Brazil

"Honestly, what surprised us most about the pet travel process was how smoothly it all went. We've traveled back and forth between New Zealand and Brazil for years, and were well acquainted with the long flights involved and the customs formalities on both sides. So our biggest concern was the trip itself for the cats and how they would fare through the bureaucracy. But the travel itself went very smoothly, with no major issues and they arrived safe and sound and on time!"

-Read more about Misty and Tipsy


shipping cats to New Zealand
Tipsy,  New Zealand Kitty


Crate Training Tips From Brick and Major

"I got them familiar with their travel kennels weeks before by having a water station in their cage, playing with them in their/around their cages, and placing our clothing in the crates. It paid off – they went into their travel crates at the prescribed time without issue."

-Learn about Brick and Major's move to Nevada


Thanks to our clients for sharing these experiences with us! Read more about the moves we've assisted with over the years here.

Finally, here are our tried and true tips for reducing stress and carrying out a journey as smooth as the ones described above.

Need some help with your upcoming move? Contact us to discuss your safe pet shipping options.


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