Importing Dogs to Australia: Gertie and Eddie’s Move Story

Here's a great post-move update from Gertie and Eddie's mom after their recent move to Australia:

Life over here has been so amazing so far! We are living 4 blocks from the beach on a place true to its name, the Sunshine Coast! The dogs couldn't be happier. We picked them up from Quarantine (they were a bit shaken at first), but then took them straight to a grassy park to stretch their legs and they were thrilled to be "free" again.

Two large dogs relocating from US to Australia

We rented a camper van and took them with us on a 6-day drive up the coast back home, where they got to see all sorts of new things and smells like a beach! They were still a little confused by sleeping in a van, but you could tell they just slept so easy knowing that they were with us again. Now they have an awesome yard to run around in, all sorts of new dog friends, and we take them for runs on the beach every evening. They have their "routine" back, even though it's totally different, they are settled in. 

Picking them up from the Mickleham Quarantine facility was a little intimidating at first, but the staff inside was very kind once we got past the stiff exterior.  It made it sooo much easier on us that Linda made arrangements with a Melbourne company to take our two gigantic crates as donations - we definitely did not have room. 

dogs released from Mickleham Quarantine

I couldn't have made this move with my two kiddos if it wasn't for y'all. After a stressful day of trying to organize their whole move myself in attempt to save money, I googled "international pet relocation service austin texas." I came across your site, and after a brief meeting with you all, I knew it was worth my sanity and time to spend money and let you all take over.

After it all, I wouldn't have done it any other way. I had to focus on getting myself moved overseas, and PetRelocation played the role of my secretary for getting the dogs ready! Getting texts or calls reminding me about what I needed to do next and providing the vet with step by step instructions for each appointment made me feel like there's no way anything could go wrong. Moving two dogs across the world IS a big move and I am so happy I have them here, but I couldn't have done it without PetRelocation. 

Congratulations to Gertie and Eddie and thanks to their owner for sharing their story!

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