PetRelocation and Shipping Cats: 5 Happy Tails

Each year PetRelocation moves hundreds of four-legged friends, and while we usually hear canines referred to as "man's best friend," we cannot forget about our feline pals who warm the hearts of their pet parents each day. So, move over pups. Today is all about the kitties! 

We have seen cats travel to just about every destination. We've sent them on crazy cross country drives and all the way to the land down under and beyond! Here are five absolutely purrfect stories of cats we've shipped all over the world! 

5) Scout, Sammy Joe, and Elsa Move to Scotland

Moving to the UK can be an adventure, but it can also be a bit daunting. Kimberlie, cat-mom of three, had the exact same thought when she began to plan her trip across the pond, "As excited as I was to move from LA to the UK to be with my fiance, my first thought was 'How on earth am I going to get the cats there?'" After extensive research, she decided PetRelocation was the team that could help her stress less! 

But don't take our word for it. Kimberlie explains: "I bombarded my extremely patient coordinator with endless questions and “What if?” scenarios. She calmed my fears and assured me that my cats were going to do just fine, and she even put me in touch with another American who had recently relocated to Aberdeen with her own three pets. My first friend in Scotland!"

You can read their full story here

4) 12 Cats (and 2 dogs!) Move Overseas 

Big families mean more to love. So, when the big-hearted pet parent Nicole decided to move to Europe, she was determined to not leave a single soul behind. And that was a bit of an undertaking, considering she had 14 pets! 

Nicole brought tears to our eyes when she explained, "I would never leave any of them behind. When I took them in over the years (they are all rescues and several of them had a rough life before we found each other), I promised them that I would always be there for them. Pets are family!" 

You can read their full story here

3) Miss Kiki and Her Dad are Reunited in New Zealand

New Zealand can be a really complicated place to move pets to. There are blood tests and permits and quarantine— OH MY! But cat dad David had done his due diligence and he knew that he was going to need some help!

"Trying to relocate with a pet can be a minefield of paperwork and anxiety, but...If I had to do it all again, I would not hesitate for a second to contact PetRelocation and put my animals in their very capable care". 

Our team, headed by relocation coordinator Katie Harris, navigated David and Miss Kiki through the six months-long process which ended in smiles! 

"I am so thankful and grateful for all the hard work and effort that Katie and everyone involved in the process put into a smooth relocation. It is clear that the people at PetRelocation love animals and are passionate about the work they do to make pets and pet parents are reunited happily."- Cat dad, David. 

David and Miss Kiki were a pleasure to work with. You can read their full story here


2) A Cross-Country Journey to Save a Life! 

Pet lover Alex had previously fostered a beautiful kitty named Tiny. After finding Tiny a great home, she and her family moved 2,400 miles away. So, you can imagine her distress when she finds out that their former foster had been dropped off at a high-kill animal shelter. "We immediately wanted to rescue him but had since moved out of state!" To make things even more complicated, this was all at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when flights were being canceled hourly. 

Alex and her family were at a total loss. Luckily for Tiny and the team, the creative crew at PetRelocation pounced at the opportunity to help! Now, Tiny is living a happy life in his real furrever home! 


You can read Tiny's big adventure here

1) The Pandemic and a Move Two Years in the Making! 

Meesh and Molly's parents started to put the wheels in motion for their move "down under" over two years ago. They knew that moving pets to Australia is complicated and they thought they had given themselves plenty of time. And then... the pandemic hit and despair kicked in! 

"COVID-19 put a halt to our cat transportation plans in March," kitty-mom, Kristen, details the many roadblocks that popped up as more and more airlines canceled their pet programs, mid-pandemic. "However, PetRelocation found us a very sacred flight for the cats which allowed us to finally move at the end of May!"

"In all honesty, there really are no words, just the utmost sincere gratitude, and relief that our pets were looked after as well as they were by your team over the last 2 years. Our relocation coordinator Nina is a superstar and a saint."- cat mom, Kristen. 

You can read their full story here

So, as you can see if you're moving with your pet, PetRelocation may be the purrfect companion for your furry friend.

Have questions, but don't know where to get started? Contact us today! And don't forget to follow us on Instagram for your daily dose of adorable pets! 


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