Pet Move of the Month: Mandy’s Relocation to Malaysia

Pet Transport to Malaysia - MandyThanks to Mandy's owner for sharing this great update about their relocation to Penang, Malaysia, and congratulations to our featured Move of the Month!

When my wife, Patti, and I decided to relocate from Atlanta, GA to Penang, Malaysia, our very next thought was how to get our dog, Mandy, overseas with us.

After all, she is a major part of our family and we would not relocate overseas without her. We had plenty of issues to worry about (selling the house, our possessions and finishing jobs) and needed a professional to handle all the details that go into successfully relocating a pet overseas.

I Googled "pet relocation services" and PetRelocation appeared at the top. After several emails and telephone conversations, we felt very confident and comfortable that PetRelocation could handle Mandy's transfer with the utmost respect and care.

We asked numerous questions and voiced many concerns, but Evelyn always displayed the confidence, ability, and empathy that made us feel comfortable with entrusting them to handle Mandy's move. She had done this many times and understood our anxiety.

Dog transport to Malaysia - Mandy with her owner


We were then assigned a coordinator, Kelcey, who would handle the details of Mandy's move. Kelcey was on top of things from the start. She presented each step that would need to be completed -- by whom and by when.

Kelcey communicated with our vet regarding the required tests, vaccinations, and paperwork Mandy would need in order to enter Malaysia. In fact, our vet was so impressed with her thoroughness and professionalism that he remarked, "if I ever move a pet overseas, I'm calling PetRelocation."

Then, pick up day arrived. We met a very nice driver at the Atlanta airport that picked up Mandy and delivered her to the airlines.  Naturally this was a high anxiety day for us, but the driver was in complete control with a "no worries" attitude. Mandy was now off to Malaysia with us to follow a day later.

Dog Shipping to Malaysia - Mandy


Now, Atlanta to Penang is a long way -- over 9700 miles with numerous layovers and change of planes. Mandy flew from Atlanta to Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur before being delivered to Penang. Total flying time is 24 hours plus layover time.

This is a tough trip for Patti and I, let alone our Mandy. Kelcey provided updates every time Mandy took off or landed and even provided pictures of Mandy at the KLM Pet Hotel in Amsterdam. In addition, Mandy was always in a climate controlled truck or plane. All was going well.

Just over 30 hours after departing Atlanta, Mandy safely arrived in Kuala Lumpur. PetRelocation had a representative meet Mandy at the airport and drive her to the government mandated quarantine facility, which would be her home for the next seven days. They fed her each day and provided pictures.

Importing dogs to Malaysia - Mandy with her owner


Finally, delivery day arrived and a wonderful gentleman drove Mandy the four hours from the quarantine facility to us in Penang.  Mandy was overjoyed to see us and we had a very happy reunion.  

Having relocated a dog from Atlanta to Ecuador several years earlier, I knew about the stress involved in taking a pet overseas. I handled that move myself, and while it was a success, the amount of research and running around required to receive the proper immunizations, paperwork, and flight arrangements made it extremely stressful on me. And, this was just for a direct flight of four to five hours. No layovers, no change of planes, no quarantine.

Mandy's relocation deserved better than this. She deserved professionals who do this everyday. PetRelocation was awesome and I would highly recommend their services.

Thank you,



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Bob
Pet Name: Mandy
Pet Type: Dog
From: Georgia, US
To: Penang, Malaysia

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