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Shipping Dogs to the UK: Tucker and Aaron’s Travel Story

Congratulations to Tucker and Aaron! Here's a note from their mom about their recent relocation to the UK. I haven't got enough superlatives to describe Catie Cox: super-smart, dedicated, compassionate, miracle-worker. And that's just the tip of…

Ruby’s Move Story: Shipping a Dog to Singapore

Even though Ruby was a seasoned traveler in the United States, moving to Singapore was a whole new experience. Thanks to Ruby and her mom for trusting us with her international relocation! This is the third time I have moved…

Bringing a Dog to New Zealand: Abe’s Travel Story

Thanks to Abe's owners for choosing us to assist with his move! Here's more about his relocation. Linda did an amazing job outlining the steps we needed to take and communicating with our vet so they knew what…

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