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Pet Travel from Brazil to Australia: Deco and Sprite’s Story

The process of moving to Australia from a “non-approved” country like Brazil can seem daunting, but one family managed to turn it into an adventure. While fulfilling the import requirements for transiting through the United States, Deco and Sprite…

Taking a Dog to Australia: Ezzie’s Journey from the US

Ezzie gets to relax in Ashfield, Australia with her family after a long journey from New Jersey and 10 days of quarantine in Melbourne. Here's a note from her owner on what her relocation was like.Superb service from beginning…

Dog Travel Spotlight: Bringing Oliver to Australia

In every interaction with an employee of PetRelocation, people are given the chance to write to our CEO about their experience. Here's a recent note that made us smile—congratulations to Oliver and his family on their successful move…

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