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Moving to the UK During COVID-19: Enzo’s Story

Sometimes, even with the most careful planning, things don't go as planned. In December 2019 ”COVID-19” became a common phrase in households around the world. For the clients of PetRelocation, this resulted in a lot of regrouping and replanning.…

Flying with Snub-Nosed Dogs: Sparky’s Story

Keeping your family together is our mission, but it's not always the easiest mission. Especially when your pet's breed has special considerations. When Sparky's family realized they needed help with bringing him from Saudi Arabia to the…

Moving Pets Overseas and Back! Charlie’s Story

We love it when friends come back! Charlie, the adorable Jack Russell terrier, has moved with us not just once, but twice! We were so happy we got to be part of his journey both times. Here's what his…

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