Moving Mulitple Cats to Thailand: One Family’s Long Journey!

Wherever life takes you, we understand the importance of keeping the entire family together. We also understand how scary it can be to trust your most vulnerable family members (your pets) to strangers. We strive to build your trust, so we love to hear updates and happy tails like the following! 

We decided to go for early retirement in Thailand. Of course, our 5 cats had to be part of the move! After an intense internet search and lengthy comparison, we chose PetRelocation because they were rock solid with answers on how to do this from the start. Other companies were not able to offer us much information, especially on the Thailand part. That's where PetRelocation made the difference.

We decided to go with the door to door move plan, meaning our kitties were picked up from our home and delivered to our new home in Thailand. I would highly recommend this because it will take a lot of stress off your plate. The journey was divided into three parts. They traveled from Dallas to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Bangkok. Bangkok to Bahn Pak Nam by car. Our cats were collected on a Monday morning at 7 AM. The pickup crew consisted of 3 people, and the whole team was very professional. They took care of everything. The best part is they all love pets! They talk to them all the time to calm them down. Their first flight was from Dallas to Frankfurt.  In Frankfurt, the cats were able to recover in a pet hotel and get ready for the next flight to Bangkok. Once in Bangkok, we decided to have them stay another night with PetRelocation so they could rest before their next long day of travel.  Then, the next day, they took a car ride to Bahn Pak Nam. Everything went flawlessly. They kept us updated during the whole operation and got us pictures of our kitties along the way. Our cats are happy in Thailand now.

The whole thing went perfect from the start. Everything was clear from the start and the support was great. Thank you, PetRelocation, and the whole team involved. Special thanks to Andrea for arranging everything and taking care of our pets so well! 

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